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Word Roundup


Word Roundup has quickly become one of the world’s most popular daily puzzle games. In addition to publication in puzzle books newspaper syndication, Word Roundup can also be played on many Internet gaming sites. Each day, millions of people around the world puzzle over the unique Old West-themed game.

Word Roundup was created by legendary puzzle master David L. Hoyt and his partner Jeff Knurek. David is the game wizard behind syndicated classics like Jumble Crossword, This Day in History: The Game, and Up & Down Words. But even with his impressive collection of game and puzzle titles, Word Roundup remains one of his most popular.

Word Roundup combines elements of traditional word searches and crossword puzzles. The game begins with a series of crossword-style clues that gamers must use to determine the words they need to find in the puzzle. Online versions of the game add a time element, allowing players to challenge themselves against the clock. With fast and fun gameplay, Word Roundup can quickly become very addictive!

The original Word Roundup proved so popular that David began to develop themed variations on the game to keep up with popular demand. Puzzle lovers seeking more variety can now play Word Roundup in numerous editions including Word Roundup Hollywood, Word Roundup Challenge, Word Roundup Frenzy and Word Roundup Bingo. David has also published a book entitled The Green Book of Word Roundup, which features 200 new and exciting puzzles printed on 100 percent recycled paper.

Numerous other paperback compilations of David's puzzles are carried by all of the nation's largest retailers, including Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Borders. These books have major appeal to gamers who enjoy the traditional print format, and make excellent gifts for puzzle lovers.

In addition to published books, players can find endless ways to enjoy Word Roundup online. Through sites like Shockwave, MSN Games and Yahoo! Games, users can find treasure troves of old puzzles and make new friends through communities and forums where like-minded puzzle lovers can chat and share tips. Players can also get their fill of new puzzles, as Word Roundup games are updated at midnight, seven days a week.