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Up and Down Words


While crossword puzzles continue to enjoy global popularity, word game enthusiasts continue to seek new ways to indulge their favorite pastime. To meet demand, a new generation of brain-teasers combines elements of classic crossword games with perplexing new twists. One of the most popular examples of these new puzzles is Up & Down Words.

Up & Down Words is the brainchild of gaming wizard David L. Hoyt. David is the mastermind behind gaming classics like Word Roundup, Jumble and This Day in History: The Game. His work has been syndicated in newspapers around the world, published in game books and launched in electronic versions for distribution on the Internet.

At first glance, Up & Down Words looks like a typical crossword puzzle in which players are given brief clues to the words needed to fit in each blank. But there are a couple of twists. First, gamers are looking for two-word phrases rather than single words. And the real challenge is that the second word in each answer doubles as the first word of the next answer!The game takes its name from the fact that stumped players often turn to working the puzzle from different directions – frontwards and backwards, up and down. This approach lets players use multiple clues to find elusive words.

Since its launch, Up & Down Words has steadily grown in popularity, especially online where many different websites offer gamers the opportunity to test their hands at Up & Down Words puzzles free of charge. Gaming hotspots like Games.com, uPuzzles.com, and USAToday.com make it easy for players to get their fill of Up & Down Words puzzles, as they’re updated each and every day with new games. Players can also participate in gaming forums, where they can network with fellow puzzle lovers and trade hints to find answers when they're stumped!

While good old-fashioned crossword puzzles aren't going anywhere soon, new generations of brain-teasers like Up & Down Words will have puzzle-lovers racking their brains in a whole new way.